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Welcome to PickThePayment.com

The Low Down Payment Car Loan Solution
If you need a great used car and great used car loan then your search is over. Our used car inventory is second to none and we can find you a vehicle even if you don't see what you want listed in our inventory. With as little as $800/month income, Pick the Payment may be able to get you an affordable car payment on a car you can call your own. Our expert staff scours the country in search of inventory that we know our customers will love. Simply call or log on now. Tell us what type of vehicle you want, how much money you can put down and then Pick the Payment.

Dependable Used Cars

We can get you a dependable used car with an affordable low payment too. It's your money! Isn't it time you spend it the way you want to? Let us make this your best car buying experience ever. Imagine being able to pick your vehicle, pick your down payment, and then Pick the Payment! That's the process we designed because we know that's how people want to buy an affordable vehicle. The process is fast and easy and we'll connect you to a dealership in your area that can discuss your specific car buying needs.