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Welcome to Pick the Payment! The innovative, new, automotive buying resource, dedicated to getting you exactly the car payment that you want. It's quick! It's easy. It's the best way to get a car loan. When you choose Pick the Payment, you're choosing to work with a preferred dealership in a stress-free environment. You won't have to endure strong arm sales tactics, or feel pressured to purchase distressed inventory the dealer wants to sell. You simply pick your vehicle, pick your down payment and then?  Pick the Payment!

Can An Affordable Car Loan Be This Easy?

The answer is YES!!  Pick the Payment works with all types of credit. In fact, we are specialists in helping you connect with a dealership who can get you a car loan with affordable monthly payments, no matter your credit type.  From good, to bad, to no credit, our network of dealers know how to help.  Whether you want to start by picking your vehicle or vehicles first, then picking your monthly payment, or start by picking your monthly payment and down payment (if any) and let our specialist help you find the best vehicle choices for you, it's entirely up to you! 


Fast Pre-approval Process - No Social Security Number Needed to Start! 

Don't wait any longer. Stop searching for a car the old fashioned way by wading through magazine after magazine, online vehicle listings and newspaper clippings that don't even come close to telling you all you need to know about a vehicle. All you need to do is log on to our Get Pre-Qualified page and a dealership will be calling you shortly.  Did you  In fact, our dealers usually call within 15 minutes during normal business hours of 9A-9P. How's that for fast!

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